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The White House Administration identifies improved indoor air quality as an important tool to fight the spread of airborne diseases, including COVID-19.

Dr. Alondra Nelson, head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and Deputy Assistant to the President published, “Let’s Clear The Air On COVID”, on March 23, 2022.

In the article, Dr. Nelson shared research about improving indoor air quality, and also encouraged people to “…work collectively to make our friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers aware of what we can do or ask for to make being indoors together safer.”

The basics included details on VENTILATION, AIR FILTRATION, and AIR DISINFECTION.

Tom Barrow Company is committed to being a knowledgeable and trusted resource for the products and solutions to implement these three important strategies for improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in buildings. Contact us to get started 800-229-8226.

Read the article by Dr. Alondra Nelson.


Improving Indoor Air Quality

Tom Barrow Company implemented the three strategies recommended by the CDC, ASHRAE, and the White House, to improve indoor air quality in their Atlanta facility. This video takes a closer look at the company's use of dilution, filtration, and disinfection strategies in their building.

Watch Video: TBCo Implementation of Three Safer Building Strategies

Three Strategies to Improve Indoor Air Quality

This video takes a closer look at Tom Barrow Company’s implementation of dilution, filtration, and disinfection to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) at their facility. These strategies can be implemented in your space.

Links to Important Resources

Articles, Literature & Video

Read more from the CDC about upper-air UVGI, including background, considerations, and maintenance. View on the CDC website HERE, or in PDF form HERE.

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) Center for Green Schools Published a Series Overview: Indoor Air Quality Fact Sheet

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Published Report: School Ventilation: A Vital Tool to Reduce COVID-19 Spread

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Infographic: Improve Indoor Ventilation in K-12 Schools to Help Reduce COVID-19 Transmission

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Learning Center: Space Disinfection

Products & Solutions

There is so much happening in the market related to the COVID-19 virus. Manufacturers, representatives, contractors and others are receiving requests for products and solutions that can be implemented quickly and effectively. We want you to know we are working with the manufacturers we represent to provide solutions that can make a difference. We're all in this together, so let us know how we can best help you, while you are working to help others.

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