Air Handing Units

AHUs come in many shapes and sizes to address specific building requirements.

An air handler, or air handling unit (often abbreviated to AHU), is used to recondition and circulate air.

Case Studies

Marcus Tower, Piedmont Atlanta Hospital

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital – a 643-bed, private, not-for-profit hospital – is a leader in patient care that has helped the Atlanta community get better and stay well for more than a century.

Marcus Tower was the first project of the master facilities plan for Piedmont's main hospital in Atlanta.

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Nemours Children’s Hospital

Open heart surgery for children demands some of the healthcare industry’s most stringent indoor environmental quality (IEQ) requirements; however, Nemours Children’s Hospital’s new cardiovascular operating room (CVOR) far surpasses all current standards with a state-of-the-art HVAC design.

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Lightning Source Printing Company

Ingram Content Group’s global headquarters is located in LaVergne, TN, just outside of Nashville. Renovations at Ingram’s Lightning Source printing facility, also located in LaVergne, increased humidity demand and the existing Condair (Nortec) MLP RO system’s capacity fell short.

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Hurlburt 39th IOS Facility

The 39th IOS’ Mission is to provide advanced information operations and cyberspace training for the United States Air Force. The 39th IOS is housed in a state-of-the-art 22,000 square foot facility featuring several classrooms, multiple small group mission planning rooms, and a 50-person auditorium. All of the classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge communication and computer systems to include secure video teleconferencing and fiber optic infrastructures. This allows for real-time war gaming and improved instruction at multiple security levels.

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The University of Memphis Music Building

Facilities that store a large number of musical instruments need precise humidity control. Many instruments, including string instruments, are made of thin wood which are easily affected by temperature and humidity. This can be a challenge when retrofitting older air handling units that, in many cases, are using outdated technology that is neither precise nor energy efficient.

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Mayo Clinic Davis Building

The Mayo Clinic Jacksonville campus is the #1 Hospital in Florida according to a 2018-2019 US News and World Report. The eight-story Davis Building is the tallest building on the Mayo Clinic Florida campus. It houses many specialty medical and surgical services, as well as the Bundy Café & Atrium, the Mayo Pharmacy, and the Mayo Optical Shop.

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The Shepherd Center

The Shepherd Center, founded in 1975 in Atlanta, specializes in the medical and rehabilitative treatment of people with spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions. It is a private non-profit hospital. In 2004, the hospital needed to expand and hired Heery International to design the mechanical system. The new addition needed to mesh with the existing facility's systems which posed a significant challenge to the design team.

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Shands AHU-19 Desaturation Coils

Blow-Through type air handlers, with the cooling coils placed downstream of the supply fan, can be problematic in humid climates when final filters (or other significant pressure drop) are downstream of the coils. The air leaving the cooling coils is typically saturated (dry bulb temp = wet bulb temp), so that the pressure drop of the filters causes further water vapor to come out of the airstream – and into the filters. This results in wet filters with shortened life or worse, a fertile place for biological growth.

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Vanderbilt AHU Replacement

Building access to mechanical rooms is often limited by narrow entry points, freight elevators, exterior louvers located several stories above grade level, and difficult pathways around existing equipment. Mechanical rooms with complex ductwork, piping, and structural members require AHUs to be designed to specific physical dimensions, often to the nearest inch, in order to maximize performance for a given space allocation. Frequently, AHUs are upsized prior to replacement to meet new building requirements.

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UF College of Veterinary Medicine FANWALL Retrofit

The two large vaneaxial supply fans (70,000 cfm & 125 Hp each, 8.6 in.w.c. design static pressure) in the main air handler at the UF Veterinary Medicine build- ing had been problematic for several years, due to both the age of the fans and the logistics of keeping the AHU off-line to make repairs. The solution was to retrofit a FANWALL in place of the vaneaxial fans. A FANWALL retrofit, with its “building block” assembly style and customizable dimensions, permitted easy assembly into the supply fan plenum, and was built in two sections matching the existing internal dimensions of the air handler.

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Emory Vision Correction Center

When Emory Hospital was ready to build a new Vision Correction Center, they chose to house it on the third floor of an existing 5-story building. The entire third floor was completely renovated to provide waiting rooms, exam rooms, surgery suites, and laser surgery suites.

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Turner Entertainment Group

As a complement to the new production studios, Turner Entertainment Group added two new buildings to the main campus on the 1-75/85 corridor in downtown Atlanta. The new facilities were built to house all network operations previously located at the Old Turner Mansion.

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Schermerhorn Symphony Center

On May 1st and 2nd of 2010, Nashville, TN experienced nearly 14 inches of rain leading to the worst flood in the city’s history. Many homes and businesses suffered terrible losses, including the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The Nashville Symphony’s 197,000 s.f., 1900 seat home originally opened September 9th, 2006. The center was designed to be a world-class symphony hall and has been a very successful venue since its opening. The mechanical system design includes eleven custom air handling units. Of these, ten were completely submerged in the flooding along with all of the building’s electrical equipment, instruments, and organ.

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UGA Veterinary Medicine Learning Center

The University of Georgia Veterinary Medicine Learning Center (UGA VMLC) is a new state of the art facility for the Veterinary School. The project consists of five buildings, and provides students the opportunity to learn all aspects of veterinary medicine. The facility includes an operational veterinary hospital and pharmacy, as well as classrooms, labs, and barns.

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Mayo Clinic Cannaday Building

The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville is a beautiful campus in a prime location only a few miles from the Atlantic ocean. While this is a great location for a medical campus, it can be tough on outdoor equipment. In this case, the 15 year old RTUs on their Cannaday lab & office building had begun to show signs of corrosive wear & tear.

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