A fan's basic purpose is to move the air, but it's important to choose the right fan for your specific application.

A fan is a device that produces a pressure difference in air to move it.

Case Studies

Manatee County Water Treatment Lab

The Manatee County Water Treatment Lab is a multi-lab building used to test water quality for customers serviced by Manatee County. The lab is located on the western end of Bradenton, FL, about three miles from the Gulf of Mexico. The lab collects water samples throughout the county to ensure all distribution systems meet the Safe Drinking Water Act regulations. This involves utilizing various concentrations of chloramines (chlorine + ammonia) as a disinfectant.

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UF College of Veterinary Medicine FANWALL Retrofit

The two large vaneaxial supply fans (70,000 cfm & 125 Hp each, 8.6 in.w.c. design static pressure) in the main air handler at the UF Veterinary Medicine build- ing had been problematic for several years, due to both the age of the fans and the logistics of keeping the AHU off-line to make repairs. The solution was to retrofit a FANWALL in place of the vaneaxial fans. A FANWALL retrofit, with its “building block” assembly style and customizable dimensions, permitted easy assembly into the supply fan plenum, and was built in two sections matching the existing internal dimensions of the air handler.

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Schermerhorn Symphony Center

On May 1st and 2nd of 2010, Nashville, TN experienced nearly 14 inches of rain leading to the worst flood in the city’s history. Many homes and businesses suffered terrible losses, including the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The Nashville Symphony’s 197,000 s.f., 1900 seat home originally opened September 9th, 2006. The center was designed to be a world-class symphony hall and has been a very successful venue since its opening. The mechanical system design includes eleven custom air handling units. Of these, ten were completely submerged in the flooding along with all of the building’s electrical equipment, instruments, and organ.

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