The Centers for Advanced Surgical Specialists is a standalone, state-of-the-art facility that is part of the Tampa Bay Surgery Center. The mission of CASS is “to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.” The statement is fitting for the organization as well as the construction for this building.

Tampa Medical Pavilion - Center for Advanced Surgical Specialists, Tampa, FL

Project: Center for Advanced Surgical Specialists

Location: Tampa, FL

Owner: MK Development, LLC

Architect: Mason Blau and Associates, Inc.

Engineer: APG Engineering

General Contractor: Bay Area Building Solutions

Mechanical Contractor: Southern Equipment Corporation

Products/Manufacturers: Price Industries / Antec Critical Controls, Valves and Operating Room Ceiling Systems, Price Air Devices, Loren Cook Fans

The facility utilized 14 VFX low pressure Venturi Blade Valves, four Constant Volume Valves, and 17 VAV Boxes to control air flow and temperature on the first floor. The second floor added 25 VAV Boxes and about 190 commercial grilles for the patient rooms. The five operating rooms include 85 Price Industries Laminar Flow Diffusers and Price Industries Heavy Duty Operating Room Ceiling Systems. The Price integrated ceiling systems were 18’ x 14’ and field assembled with bolts, washers, and gaskets for a simple installation. The coordinated design of the ceiling systems minimized field issues and yielded excellent form and fit.

APG Engineering designed the building mechanical systems, and Cyril John (Tom Barrow Company, Tampa) provided support for the critical systems for the patient and operating rooms. In addition to the Price Industries/Antec Valves, VAV Boxes, Controls, Room Monitors with Alarms, Operating Room Ceilings, and Air Devices, the facility also has several Loren Cook ECM equipped fans for variable flow control. With such a diverse offering of top quality HVAC products serving the healthcare market, it was a natural fit for Tom Barrow Company to provide support to APG Engineering during design and ultimately partner with Southern Equipment Corporation for construction of the Center for Advanced Surgical Specialists.

Jim Walker with Tom Barrow Company had the opportunity to work on this project with Southern Equipment and shared, “Southern Equipment has always been great to work with and has always risen the occasion to get complicated projects installed perfectly.” He further shared how nice it was to “see the complex made easy with Price Industries/Antec Critical Controls products.”



  • Design Operating Room (OR) Ceiling Systems to:
    • accommodate medical equipment yet provide required air flow conditions
    • have flexibility needed to perform a variety of surgery scenarios
  • Provide Critical Controls to ensure appropriate space pressures
  • Keep the project under budget


  • Price Industries Heavy Duty Welded Ceiling System was chosen for the five ORs as its custom grid accommodates lighting, booms, and other operating equipment while integrating laminar diffusers to meet ASHRAE 170 coverage requirements.
  • The Price Industries/Antec Controls VFX Valves were chosen to work in concert with the SDV single duct VAV boxes. The combination of these products allowed for the lowest cost and best accuracy for positive pressure and room temperature control along with humidity sensing.
  • The Price Industries/Antec Controls PMT Room Pressure Monitors provided room pressure monitoring as well as LED and audible alarms. The PMT and Antec controls are all native BACNet so integration with the BMS was simple and e-mail alerts were made available for facility staff technicians.

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