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Keep Patios Open All Year Long with Schwank Heaters

With the current environment calling for social distancing, restaurants and other hospitality type businesses are utilizing their outdoor spaces to provide more room for patrons. To keep customers more comfortable during the fall and winter months, while still using the outdoor areas, patio heaters can be just the right solution!

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Clean Air System - Air Disinfection System

Create Healthier, More Comfortable Conditions - Clean Air System

Clean Air System kills 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 (causes COVID-19) and other airborne pathogens and safely neutralizes allergens, odors, and fumes.

TBCo is ready to work with your project team to find the best and most effective air disinfection solutions for warehouses, offices, and all types of spaces!

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Double Feature - Including Price's RAP Video

Price's New RAP in Action & Optimal Indoor Environments with Minimal Energy Usage

Our team of sales engineers is here to help you find solutions for both short-term, urgent projects, as well as those that require more extensive planning and multi-product solutions.‌

See the Price Room Air Purifier (RAP) in Action

Price’s latest video demonstrates the effectiveness of the new Price Room Air Purifier (RAP).

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Product Highlight

From innovative new products to special applications, read about the broad range of options available for HVAC solutions in our product features.

Tom Barrow Company Announces System that Increases Space Disinfection to Help Create Safer Public Environments Amid COVID-19

May 18, 2020 (ATLANTA, GA) --- Tom Barrow Company is pleased to announce it offers a solution to increase space disinfection through a system which combines Ultraviolet lights and high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans. “Upper-room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) fixtures have been used in hospital and other medical settings for a long time,” states Mike Shea, President, Tom Barrow Company. “Our system adds HVLS fans to increase the disinfection system effectiveness. Our system also takes the concept from a medical application to any facility where there is a need for disinfection.”

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Cook: Adapting to the COVID-19 Demand

A lot has transpired in the last two months, and Cook wanted to share some of that in a short video presentation. Visit our Learning Center to view a 3-minute video from Cook that shares a peek at all the things their company has done to adapt to the COVID-19 demand.

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Innovation & Energy Efficiency from Addison

Addison is a leading supplier of HVAC cooling and dehumidification equipment for commercial and industrial applications. The company specializes in 100% dedicated outdoor air systems and is able to deliver a wide range of options to satisfy ventilation for most building requirements.

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Location Feature

We are proud to highlight a different TBCo location each month. From exciting projects to going the extra mile, we are proud to share how our teams are making a difference.

Tom Barrow Xpress Products: Team Member Highlight

Tom Barrow Company launched Tom Barrow Xpress Products in January of this year. Xpress Products is responsible for After Market and End User Sales for a range of products, including the Big Ass Fans line the company represents.

In just a short time, Xpress Products has had substantial growth, including the addition of an excellent team. JP VanderMale is part of this excellent team and is the top performing outside sales representative for the company.

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TBCo Fort Myers: Focused on Solutions

We are now several months into our war against COVID-19, and TBCo Fort Myers is thankful that we have been able to remain open to support our clients. While we’ve been busy adapting to this “new normal,” we have also been keeping on top of the latest industry technologies to combat COVID-19.

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TBCo Nashville: Supporting Our Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are thankful that TBCo Nashville has been able to remain open as an essential business to support our local contractors! We’ve worked hard to take care of all of our customers during these unusual and challenging times.

Our office worked remote for three months, continuing to support our clients, and our warehouse continued to have inventory available for pick-up and delivery.

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