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Planning for summer projects at schools?

Summer, while students are on break and buildings are empty, is an important time for school building projects, including upgrades and improvements. With 11 TBCo locations across the Southeast, our teams are ready to help you make the most of the summer window with school projects. Read more about three quick projects that can make a real difference for schools.

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Healthcare - Your One Source

We are your one source for comprehensive HVAC systems and solutions for healthcare facilities.

TBCo represents hundreds of products to address a broad range of HVAC applications. Industry-leading products include critical controls, chillers, custom air handlers, fans, filters, in-duct UVC disinfection, terminal units, and variable frequency drives.

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What's new in IAQ?

Indoor air quality (IAQ) and the role of HVAC systems are important topics within our industry, and being proactive with solutions and recommendations for clients is important. TBCo is your source for the products and solutions to address IAQ in all types of building environments.

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Product Highlight

From innovative new products to special applications, read about the broad range of options available for HVAC solutions in our product features.

Solutions for Critical Spaces


Operating Rooms. Isolation Rooms. Compounding Pharmacies.

LUMETM room pressure monitors accurately measure and monitor room pressure in places such as Compounding Pharmacies, Isolation Rooms, and Operating Rooms, ensuring these environments are kept safe.

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Adiabatic Cooling by Contact Panel Systems - Data Processing Centers

Data centers have become critically important today, and ensuring the best conditions exist in these buildings includes precise humidity control. Fisair’s experts specialize in psychrometry and the principles and benefits of humidity control across a wide range of sectors, including data processing centers.

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Critical Humidity Control: Pharmaceutical Industry

Ensuring precise humidity control in pharmaceutical industry applications is a specialty of Fisair, where its experts specialize in psychrometry and the principles and benefits of humidity control across a wide range of sectors.

TBCo has extensive experience with humidity control, and Fisair’s technology provides for precise performance, as well as other benefits that save on time and costs related to installation and operation.

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Location Feature

We are proud to highlight a different TBCo location each month. From exciting projects to going the extra mile, we are proud to share how our teams are making a difference.

Kevin Ruegger: Success Built on Teamwork and Innovation

This month we’re featuring Kevin Ruegger, our TBCo VP and Atlanta Branch Manager who joined Tom Barrow Company in 2019 and has a total of 28 years in the HVAC industry.

Kevin's enthusiasm was clear when asked what makes the Atlanta branch unique. “Everything! Our team likes to be innovative when finding ways to help our customers. Whether it’s learning a new product line or finding a new process to help with quotes, the Atlanta branch is consistently striving to improve and find ways to serve our customers.”

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TBCo April 2024 Anniversary Highlight

Join us in celebrating the 25-year anniversary of Alan Green, TBCo VP and Nashville Branch Manager.

Thanks for all you do, Alan!

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Cyril John: Committed to Serving Customers and Continual Development

This month we’re featuring TBCo VP and Tampa Branch Manager, Cyril John.

Cyril joined the TBCo Tampa team 7 ½ years ago, and he continues to grow in his role, along with the company. “I am proud to be a part of a company that is constantly pushing to grow and innovate. Being stagnant is not an option. However, as we grow, our guiding principles have stayed constant; integrity, accountability, respect, and continual development,” said Cyril.

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