The Dali Museum's climate-controlled geodesic dome in St. Petersburg, Florida stands 60 feet tall and 39 feet wide and complements the Museum’s free-form glass enigma.

The dome is reinforced with an inner cover made of a specialized, architectural-grade membrane able to withstand 140 mph winds. Hardware includes a projection truss mounted into the roof, that then projects onto circular IMAX sized screen walls, as well as the 2,800 square feet of the theater itself.

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Owner: Salvador Dali Museum

Architect: Stantec - Tampa

General Contractor: JE Dunn

Mechanical Engineer: Volt Air Tampa

Mechanical Contractor: Page Mechanical Group, Ft Myers

Products/Manufacturers: AQC Industries, BlueDuct

Our TBCo team faced multifaceted challenges on this project, demanding innovative solutions. The dome's location on a concrete slab posed the unique requirement of running all of the BlueDuct ductwork beneath it, strategically positioned just inches above the Tampa Bay water table.

Adjacent to the dome and linking to the main museum, a grassy area served as a pivotal space for fundraisers and art events. The necessity to assess the ground's load-bearing capacity became paramount, ensuring it could withstand the additional weight imposed by the heavy equipment used in event setups.

Complicating matters further, the scheduling clash with the St. Pete Grand Prix presented a logistical puzzle. Streets were set to close precisely when the crucial BlueDuct material needed delivery to maintain project timelines.

Addressing these challenges, our engineering team employed the use of highly specialized BlueDuct, meticulously designed for subterranean deployment in trenches. Collaborating closely with civil engineering experts, we determined the optimal trench depth for the BlueDuct and augmented the infrastructure with a crushed rock bedding and sand layer just above the water table.

To ascertain the BlueDuct's load-bearing capacity, our team collaborated with industry specialists, incorporating additional rock and sand to evenly disperse weight during the setup of heavy equipment for events held on the grass field outside the dome.

Coordinating with AQC Industries, the manufacturer of BlueDuct, we meticulously scheduled a dedicated truck, creating a detailed hour-by-hour plan with the TBCo team to ensure seamless tractor trailer ingress and egress before the impending two-week road closure. In the intricate dance between engineering challenges and solutions, our team's precision and ingenuity prevailed, securing the success of this complex project.

The completed structure opened to the public in the summer of 2023 featuring the Dali Alive 360°, an immersive journey into the work – and the mind – of Surrealist master Salvador Dali.

Dali Museum Project


  • Dome Design/Location: Geodesic dome on St. Petersburg waterfront required ductwork placement below concrete slab and above Tampa Bay water table.
  • Facility Requirements: Adjoining grassy area, vital for fundraisers and events, necessitated ground assessment for heavy equipment during setup.
  • St. Pete Grand Prix: BlueDuct delivery was critical amid street closures for the racing event to maintain project schedule.


  • Utilized specialized BlueDuct, designed for subterranean use. Collaborated with civil engineering experts to determine optimal trench depth, incorporating crushed rock bedding above the water table.
  • Conducted weight-bearing analysis with specialists to assess BlueDuct capacity. Implemented additional rock and sand to evenly distribute weight during setup of heavy equipment for grass field events outside the dome.
  • Coordinated with the manufacturer for dedicated truck delivery of the BlueDuct product. TBCo and manufacturer devised a precise hourly schedule to ensure tractor trailer entry and exit before the 2-week road closure for optimal project efficiency.