When Emory Hospital was ready to build a new Vision Correction Center, they chose to house it on the third floor of an existing 5-story building. The entire third floor was completely renovated to provide waiting rooms, exam rooms, surgery suites, and laser surgery suites.

As with many multi-story renovations, it was a challenge to get new air handling equipment up to the floor where it was to be installed. Ventrol air handling units were built in five modules, each module sized to fit within the weight and dimensional limitations of the service elevator. The contractor performed final assembly of each air handling unit in the equipment room.

Another challenge was the relatively small amount of available space in the mechanical rooms. To fit two air handling units into one mechanical room, one unit rests on the floor, while the other is suspended from the ceiling.

Each unit includes 2" pre-filters, cooling coil, plug fan with perforated liner for attenuation purposes, and 95% high-efficiency (HEPA) final filters.

Product: Air Handling Units
Manufacturer: Ventrol
Application: Medical Facility Renovation
Project: Emory Vision Correction Center
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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