Often times who is responsible for underground site work can be a source of contention between trades. In the case of the NEA Baptist Hospital in Jonesboro AR, the underground duct was designed to be concrete, however there were lead time and cost issues related to using concrete. TBCo Memphis was there to help. Looking at the price of the concrete duct plus lead time issues and installation of the duct, BlueDuct became a perfect solution.

Not only was the duct at a better price point, but the installation was significantly easier than concrete. Imagine the handling of 24" concrete duct sections! Oh yeah... and it shipped in 2 days standard since it was a stock size. The customer took the time to watch the installation videos provided by TBCo and when the duct arrived on site, he was so excited about the finished installation that he sent TBCo photos. BlueDuct is the perfect solution for underground duct and not just an alternative to FRP or PVC coated steel... it can also "BLAST" concrete.


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