The Shepherd Center, founded in 1975 in Atlanta, specializes in the medical and rehabilitative treatment of people with spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions. It is a private non-profit hospital. In 2004, the hospital needed to expand and hired Heery International to design the mechanical system. The new addition needed to mesh with the existing facility's systems which posed a significant challenge to the design team.

Batchelor & Kimble was hired as the mechanical contractor by The Shepherd Center during the design process. Heery International and Batchelor & Kimble turned to Tom Barrow Company to provide design assistance and equipment for this challenging project.

The existing system was a cold air (47F) supply temperature design that used series fan powered boxes. The additional equipment had to be designed to match the existing supply air temperature while providing the necessary heating, cooling, humidification and filtration required by today's building codes. This design required a cooling coil leaving air temperature of 41.6F. Tom Barrow Company turned to Webco Incorporated to provide the totally custom equipment.

Tom Barrow Company, Webco and Batchelor & Kimble designed two (2) rooftop penthouse air handling units for the new addition. The units provided 100,000 CFM and 72,000 CFM respectively. The supply fans are designed to accommodate 9.72 of total static pressure. The units design supply air temperature is 42 deg F to condition the addition as well as parts of the existing building.

Tom Barrow Company was up for the challenge!

Product: Air Handling Units
Manufacturer: Webco
Application: High Volume Cold Air Rooftop Penthouse
Project: Shepherd Center Rehabilitation Hospital
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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