The University of Georgia Veterinary Medicine Learning Center (UGA VMLC) is a new state of the art facility for the Veterinary School. The project consists of five buildings, and provides students the opportunity to learn all aspects of veterinary medicine. The facility includes an operational veterinary hospital and pharmacy, as well as classrooms, labs, and barns.

Due to the large amount of outside air required, energy recovery was the main system utilized for the facility. Eleven (11) Temtrol Indoor Energy Recovery Units, with 119,375 cfm of supply air and 110,580 cfm of exhaust air serve the main buildings. Each unit utilizes Fan Wall Technology with integral “near zero loss” back draft dampers and integral coplanar silencers, supplying and exhausting air through 62 fan wall cells. Each fan is direct drive and does not have fan belts or bearings, decreasing building maintenance requirements. Since this is a teaching facility, low sound levels in the space were a design requirement.

The internal coplanar silencers decreased the sound power output from each unit, and eliminated the requirement for external duct silencers. This saved the initial first cost of the duct silencers, and increased the energy efficiency of the system. The internal coplanar silencers have near zero pressure drop, and by eliminating the air pressure drop associated with the duct silencers, fan operating horsepower was reduced and energy saved for the life of the facility. The units also contain a Total Energy Recovery Wheel manufactured by Thermotech, which recovers latent and sensible energy from the exhaust air streams. The fans are arranged in a blow thru supply-draw thru exhaust arrangement, and the wheel equipped with a factory purge, to minimize any cross contamination between the airstreams. The energy recovery wheels utilized are constructed for long life and are furnished with a 10
year warranty, including the belts and bearings. Hot water heating coils using low temperature hot water generated by an energy recovery chiller, and chilled water cooling coils provide additional heating and cooling.

A Lumalier UV Disinfection System, constructed of stainless steel and aluminum for corrosion resistance, is used downstream of the cooling coils to provide air disinfection and maintain coil cleanliness and efficiency. Flanders 4” deep, Merv 13 filters, save space within the equipment and provide the filtration necessary for LEED design.

Nine (9) Temtrol ITF Air Handling Units serve other areas of the facility that use recirculating return air and minimum outside air. Each unit contains fan wall technology, Flanders 4” deep Merv 13 filters, heating and cooling coils, and Lumalier UV disinfection systems.


Case Study UGA Veterinary Medicine Learning Center

Location: University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Architect: Perkins + Will, Atlanta, GA

Mechanical/Electrical Engineer: Newcomb & Boyd, Atlanta, GA

Application: New Construction

Products: Energy Recovery Units with Fan Wall Technology, Air Handling Units with Fan Wall Technology, Merv 13 Pleated Filters,Total Energy Recovery Wheels, UV Disinfection Systems

Manufacturers: Temtrol, Thermotech, Lumalier, Flanders