Have a tight field opening or need to upgrade an existing AHU for energy savings or increased capacity?

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Nortek Air Solutions AHU Feature

Custom Air Handlers

400,000+ cfm custom air handling solutions are available for indoor and outdoor applications. Custom air handlers help to minimize the total cost of ownership while meeting the most challenging requirements for fit, efficiency, and reliability in a wide range of industries.

Knockdown AHUs

Knockdown AHUs are perfect for new, replacement, and retrofit applications facing space and access limitations as well as constraints on installation time and cost.

These units are specifically designed and manufactured to fit through your field opening and meet your weight constraints, resulting in faster field installation of a high-quality, site-built air handler.

Upgrade Existing AHUs

New coils, filter banks, and fans can deliver energy savings as well as increased capacity to existing equipment while avoiding cost and disruption of a complete AHU replacement. FANWALL retrofit is ideal for replacement applications with access or time limitations.

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