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High-performance air systems demand modern design approaches with leading-edge products and technology in order to optimize comfort and reduce energy consumption.



With each VAV diffuser acting as an individual zone of control, every area of a building can have separate, optimized temperature settings. The individual occupant selects a personal comfort setting, and average temperature is maintained within 1.5°F/0.9°C. Price VAV diffusers provide a constant discharge velocity with improved comfort as a result of higher throw, reduced dumping, improved room air movement and uniform temperature distribution.

Energy Savings

Price VAV Energy Savings Benefits

Price VAV diffusers allow for low-pressure, low-energy consumption systems. Our energy efficient VAV diffuser systems prevent overcooling and overheating – resulting in 10%–47% energy savings when compared to other HVAC systems. Energy savings is produced from three sources: small zones, low turndown and pressure drop and low system pressure.


Sustainable buildings are designed to be environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout their life cycle. For sustaining long-term usefulness, Price’s VAV diffuser systems are exceptionally adaptable to office changes. No diffuser zone is split when office walls are put up or moved. The modular concept and flexibility provided by a VAV diffuser system guarantees that any changes in the floor plan need not trigger expensive and disruptive changes to the HVAC system.

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