Air humidity control is critically important to human health, most materials, and a wide of range of industrial processes. Fisair has the expertise to offer excellent solutions.

The name “Fisair” comes from Physics of the Air. This name relates to the adsorption processes of the company's systems, which have no chemical exchange or deliquescent process. Products include air humidifiers, air dehumidifiers, and evaporative coolers.

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Fisair products are offered at these Tom Barrow Co. locations:

Atlanta, GA 404-351-1010
Birmingham, AL 205-967-8943
Ft. Myers, FL 239-278-1988
Jacksonville, FL 904-399-4133
Nashville, TN 615-244-4800
Orlando, FL 407-291-0961
Pensacola, FL 850-432-4076
Savannah, GA 912-356-1721
Southeast Florida 561-689-0377
Tampa, FL 813-888-9000