Grease Guard


Grease Guard Rooftop Defense Systems® are rooftop grease containment systems that are installed around fat, grease, oil, & chemical producing exhaust fans and ventilation equipment to collect fats, oils, greases, and other chemicals to effectively prevent them from damaging rooftops, providing fuel to fire, and polluting our water supplies amongst other benefits.

Our Advanced Filter Composite® traps fats, oils, greases, and chemicals in ALL weather conditions. The Grease Guard is completely stand alone, does not attach to the roof, and does not interfere with exhaust equipment operations.

Grease Guard
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Grease Guard products are offered at these Tom Barrow Co. locations:

Atlanta, GA 404-351-1010
Birmingham, AL 205-967-8943
Ft. Myers, FL 239-278-1988
Jacksonville, FL 904-399-4133
Memphis, TN 901-367-1180
Nashville, TN 615-244-4800
Orlando, FL 407-291-0961
Pensacola, FL 850-432-4076
Savannah, GA 912-356-1721
Tampa, FL 813-888-9000