Mojave manufactures Liquid Desiccant Outside Air Systems (LDOAS) which dramatically reduce energy consumption and climate impact by changing the nature of air conditioning.

Mojave's patented technology cools and dehumidifies the air, enabling independent control of an application’s dry bulb temperature and dew point. Mojave's ArctiDry product focuses on high efficiency dehumidification and reduction of refrigerant use, while improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for commercial buildings. Mojave is an ideal solution for any Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) application ranging from 40-55F dew point.

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Mojave products are offered at these Tom Barrow Co. locations:

Atlanta, GA 404-351-1010
Birmingham, AL 205-967-8943
Ft. Myers, FL 239-278-1988
Jacksonville, FL 904-399-4133
Orlando, FL 407-291-0961
Pensacola, FL 850-432-4076
Savannah, GA 912-356-1721
Southeast Florida 561-689-0377
Tampa, FL 813-888-9000