Birmingham Branch: Recent Project

Tbco Birmingham 2020 Feature

Posted on March 02, 2020

The Birmingham branch recently had the opportunity to work on a project at the historical Stonewall Building in Birmingham, Alabama. This 12-story building, built in 1925, has been undergoing an extreme renovation – it now includes office spaces and lofts.


From an engineering standpoint, it was a big challenge to provide air conditioning and heating on an existing building, especially without having any equipment on the ground.


  • TBCo was able to offer an effective solution with Gree’s VRF technology. This project consisted of 13 Gree VRF Heat Recovery Units matched up to over 200 indoor wall-hung and ceiling units.
  • TBCo was also able to provide a TempMaster 100% Outside Air Unit to complete the Gree VRF package.
  • Additionally, the owner will be leveraging Gree’s engineering team by using their Tenant Billing System. This will allow the owner to have the ability to keep track of the power usage of each individual indoor unit and bill the tenants for the power usage.

“It has been a great experience working with Gree and their engineering team. We are all really excited to see this system up and running,” shares Jackie Laird, Branch Manager, TBCo Birmingham.

The renovation is still underway, so the team will have more updates on this exciting project once the project is complete. To learn more about how the Gree units were incorporated into the renovation, please contact us!