TBCo Atlanta Implements Three Safer Building Strategies

Atlanta branch feature Methodologies Aug2021

Posted on August 05, 2021

Tom Barrow Company has deployed the three strategies recommended by the CDC and ASHRAE to reduce the airborne pathogen count in their Atlanta facility. These strategies have been implemented to create a safer environment for the TBCo Atlanta team and customers. This video takes a closer look at the company's use of dilution, filtration, and disinfection strategies in their facility.

Watch Video: TBCo Implementation of Three Safer Building Strategies


Dilution occurs when you periodically have air changes in the occupied space by flushing it with outside air that is free of pathogens. At the Atlanta facility, TBCo is opening the outside air dampers to the maximum extent possible.


For effective filtration, employ a MERV 13 or greater filter within the HVAC units servicing the space, and consider the use of in-space HEPA filtration. At the Atlanta office, TBCo has installed portable, in-space HEPA filtration from Price Industries and Cook.

In Space HEPA Filtration

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A proven disinfection strategy is to employ the use of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) safely to reduce pathogen counts in the occupied space. At the TBCo Atlanta facility, Lumalier upper-air UVC fixtures have been installed above the occupied space to provide pathogen reduction. These fixtures include wall mount units and 2x2 ceiling mount units for 360 degree coverage. In addition, HVLS fans from Big Ass Fans that incorporate UVGI are installed in several areas of the building. In our customer pick up area, we are using a Haiku fan with UV-C combined with Lumalier UVGI fixtures, and in our atrium lobby, we are using a single HVLS fan along with louvered UVGI fixtures from Lumalier.

Upper Air UVC in Atlanta

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Fans with UVGI

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