TBCo Community Involvement: Sarnelli House Update

Sarnelli update graphic

Posted on May 10, 2021

Tom Barrow Company is committed to assisting our communities, locally and globally, in ways that support children in need with an emphasis on health and education. As part of that commitment, TBCo is honored to continue our sponsorship of children with Sarnelli House, a refuge for abandoned and abused children and children affected with HIV/AIDS, located in NE Thailand.

Sarnelli House fosters the values of love, sharing, forgiveness, and responsibility, while providing a safe home and basic needs for the children in their care, and ensuring they have access to proper heath care and treatment. One of their goals is empowering their charges to pursue an education, whether through traditional schooling or vocational training, so they may become valuable members of their society and fulfill their potential.

Recent News

A recent update from Sarnelli House shared that, although COVID-19 numbers have been low compared to many countries, a variant of the virus has made its way to NE Thailand. To date, precautions have been successful with no positive cases reported among the Sarnelli House community. With the pandemic affecting employment among some of their former residents, they have welcomed them back, allowing them to work and live in their community until conditions improve.

While COVID-19 restrictions have prevented some of the fun activities the children would normally be participating in this time of year, there are still plenty of opportunities to celebrate! There have been high school and university graduations, some with accolades, and a biannual badminton tournament that was apparently quite fierce (winners pictured with Father Shea).

To learn more about the good things happening at Sarnelli House, visit https://sarnellihouse.org/.