TBCo Savannah: Air Disinfection Products for Augusta University Medical College of Georgia

TB Co Savannah branch feature Jan 2021

Posted on January 03, 2021

In the summer of 2020, the facilities department of Augusta University Medical College of Georgia started to evaluate methods to provide air disinfection for several of their instructional buildings on campus. They were primarily focused on using air handling unit (AHU) mounted UV light arrays that would provide the capability for “kill on the fly” air disinfection and that would maintain coil/drain pan cleanliness.

The facilities department evaluated several UV light manufacturers and decided on Lumalier/Evergreen UV products due to the ease of retrofit, product support, and the use of the Philips nonproprietary 95 W bulb.

TBCo Savannah worked directly with the AU facilities department to properly size and provide retrofit UV light arrays for AHUs in in several buildings on campus, including the Dentistry building, Allgood building, JSAC building, Education Commons, and the new Math and Science building currently under construction.

This was a wonderful project to be a part of, and the Savannah team is ready to help with all types of projects where UV technology for disinfection is needed. Contact us to learn more!