Atlanta Corporate: Update on Impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus

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Posted on February 28, 2020

To our customers and friends:

We’re taking this opportunity to reach out and update you about the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus. At Tom Barrow Co., our first priority is ensuring the safety of our people and our partners.

We are proactively monitoring our supply chain due to the global nature of our business. While we do work with international suppliers, our analysis shows that we have very few contacts with impacted regions, and for those parts, they currently have inventories that will sustain our customers until alternate partnerships are forged or the need to do so wanes.

All of our operations are currently running as normal. Although it remains a contingency, we also have plans in place to work around potential concentrations of illness in our workforce.

We will continue to actively monitor this important situation and to keep you apprised of any updates.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.

Tom Barrow Company