Branch Feature: Atlanta, a Team with Tenure

TB Co ATL Nov 2020 Tenure Team

Posted on November 09, 2020

The Atlanta branch, the founding location of Tom Barrow Company, has an amazing team with tenure, and we want to recognize the team members who have been with the company for over 25 years.

“The knowledge and experience of this team is incredible,” shares Kevin Ruegger, Atlanta Branch Manager. “Not only does the expertise of these individuals make a difference for our customers, it also has a positive impact on our entire team. For over 65 years, we’ve been able to transfer this knowledge from employee to employee which is the foundation of our success.”

Thank you to these amazing Atlanta team members for making a difference at TBCo!

Jeff Pope, 36 years, Outside Sales

Mike Martin, 35 years, Outside Sales

Chris Smith, 33 years, Warehouse Team Leader

Mark Lance, 27 years, Outside Sales

Kathy Dammes, 26 years, Sales Assistant

Boris Pustilnik, 26 years, Estimator

Scott George, 25 years, Outside Sales