Orlando Branch: Training & Events

Tbco Orlando Feb 2020

Posted on February 03, 2020

The TBCo Orlando team has had a very eventful and exciting year at the branch’s new location. The team, which has grown to 16 people, hosted their first pig pickin’ event in October 2019 and had over 130 people in attendance, including vendors, contractors, and engineers. In addition, the branch recently hosted its first training class, on January 27, with hands on training from Yaskawa.

This incredible team is also committed to giving back to the community. For the team’s holiday charity, they collected socks and slippers to give to the elderly living in area nursing homes.

Orlando will be the host branch for TBCo ASHRAE activities this week, as the 2020 Winter Conference and AHR Expo is taking place in Orlando. The team is looking forward to a great week!