TBC Supply: A Time of Exciting Growth

TBC Supply hero

Posted on July 11, 2022

It’s an exciting time at TBC Supply!

TBC Supply is a division of Tom Barrow Company that serves residential HVAC contractors, electrical contractors, business owners, and residential consumers who want leading industry products, but who do not need the large-scale commercial solutions offered by Tom Barrow Company.

Since opening for business in January 2020, TBC Supply has provided HVAC products and services to thousands of customers- from owner-direct and end-users to electrical contractors, electrical distribution, and architects. Proudly representing fifteen industry-leading brands including Big Ass Fans, GREE, Price Industries, Cook, Young Regulator, and Ruskin, this team is working hard and thinking big.

TBC Supply’s e-commerce business also employs ten knowledgeable outside sales representatives who cover Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana, and the inside sales team has grown to eight representatives.

Special Recognition goes to CJ Jennings and Tom Carper for their outstanding results in serving customers with industry leading products in the months of May and June.

With its sights set on expanding into residential product distribution with GREE’s Ductless and Flexx systems, it’s an exciting time of growth for this dynamic team!