TBCo Community Involvement: Sarnelli House Update

Sarnelli House 2023 update

Posted on January 18, 2023

Sarnelli House is an organization Tom Barrow Company is proud to work with as part of our commitment to giving back to our global community. The Sarnelli House mission is to provide refuge for abandoned and abused children affected with HIV/AIDS in Northeast Thailand and to focus on education and vocational training. Each TBCo branch sponsors one or more children in the Sarnelli House community.

Founded by Father Michael Shea in 1966, Sarnelli House provides a safe home and the basic needs of the children in their care, and ensures they have access to proper heath care and treatment. Sarnelli House works to empower the children to pursue an education so they may become valuable members of their society and fulfill their potential, while fostering the values of love, sharing, forgiveness, and responsibility.

Recent News

While the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges to the Sarnelli House community, they are happy to see many positive changes over the past year. This includes welcoming the return of volunteers, old and new, with more expected over the next few months.

2022 was also a time for celebration and growth. Many young women and men graduated from college or vocational school and transitioned to life outside of Sarnelli House. While the graduates are missed, the community welcomed many babies and children, and continues to see enrollment steadily increasing. A bumper harvest of rice, full fishponds, and gardens planted provided more reasons for celebration.

To learn more about the good things happening at Sarnelli House, visit https://sarnellihouse.org/.