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Tampa feature April 2023 v1

Posted on April 14, 2023

The TBCo Tampa team recently completed a large knockdown air handler project and worked within the customer’s timeline and construction needs to provide a successful solution.

One of the towers in an expansive medical office building was being served by a single air handler with a 200HP axial fan. The existing air handler was over 30 years old and sourcing parts to keep the unit running was becoming difficult. The owner was also concerned with single-point failure using the 200HP fan.

The project presented some design and construction constraints:

  • The existing air handler was installed in a built-up penthouse mechanical room with limited access for replacement - all components had to fit within a 6’ x 6’ access door.
  • The existing unit had to be demolished and the new Temtrol unit installed during a 3-day holiday weekend.
  • Units had to be delivered in under 15 weeks to meet the holiday shut down.

TBCo Tampa worked with the property manager and contractor to design and install a replacement air handler using a Temtrol ITF knockdown unit with specifications that fit the customer’s needs.

  • New Temtrol ITF Unit – 120,000 CFM of airflow
  • Cabinet – 3” R-24 foam injected double wall construction.
  • 2 Fan Wall Air Tunnels – 18 total fans – 11 HP Toshiba ceramic bearing motors.
  • Double wall fan cube with integral coplanar silencer for sound attenuation
  • 6 – Chill water-cooling coils
  • 6 – 40 HP Yaskawa VFDs

The TBCo Tampa team was able to successfully meet the tight timeline and construction constraints – the new unit shipped in 12 weeks and was installed in 2 days!

“The Temtrol ITF cabinet allowed for rapid knockdown and reassembly on a tight schedule. The owner had air moving by Monday,” said Sales Engineer, Tony Thompson.

This project represents the unparalleled service and product expertise Tom Barrow Company offers our customers every day. Congratulations to the Tampa crew on a job well done! Thank you for serving our customers.