Tom Barrow Xpress Products: Team Member Highlight

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Posted on September 03, 2020

Tom Barrow Company launched Tom Barrow Xpress Products in January of this year. Xpress Products is responsible for After Market and End User Sales for a range of products, including the Big Ass Fans line the company represents.

In just a short time, Xpress Products has had substantial growth, including the addition of an excellent team. JP VanderMale is part of this excellent team and is the top performing outside sales representative for the company.

Since January, JP has led Xpress Products in both opportunities and projects by taking great care of customers and being very knowledgeable about the products. “JP continues to drive top performance with end-user sales with a various range of products, and we are very proud of his hard work and success,” Shares Josiah Wiley, Vice President/Sales Manager, Tom Barrow Company.

JP came to Xpress Products from Big Ass Fans, one of the primary brands Xpress Products sells. Tom Barrow Company is the sole selling representative for BAF products in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee for the end user and new construction markets. Tom Barrow Xpress Products supports customers in the selection and purchase of Big Ass Fans products throughout the region, and is currently expanding with additional products and distribution strategies.

Thank you to JP and all of the Xpress Products team for taking great care of customers!

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