There are a wide variety of duct products ranging from those made of sheet metal to fabric duct.

Ductwork and duct systems are sealed channels used to convey air from the system to and from the point of utilization.

Case Studies

Dali Museum Case Study

The Dali Museum's climate-controlled geodesic dome in St. Petersburg, Florida stands 60 feet tall and 39 feet wide and complements the Museum’s free-form glass enigma.

The dome is reinforced with an inner cover made of a specialized, architectural-grade membrane able to withstand 140 mph winds. Hardware includes a projection truss mounted into the roof, that then projects onto circular IMAX sized screen walls, as well as the 2,800 square feet of the theater itself.

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NEA Baptist Hospital

Often times who is responsible for underground site work can be a source of contention between trades. In the case of the NEA Baptist Hospital in Jonesboro AR, the underground duct was designed to be concrete, however there were lead time and cost issues related to using concrete. TBCo Memphis was there to help. Looking at the price of the concrete duct plus lead time issues and installation of the duct, BlueDuct became a perfect solution.

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Zambezi River Hippo Camp Memphis Zoo

The project was a total success and the contractor and design team will be using BlueDuct for underground projects in the future.

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OMNI CRA Miami Entertainment Complex

Price Sound Attenuators

Miami Entertainment Complex is a full-service movie and TV studio complex with about 70,000 square feet of studio space, including two 15,000 square foot sound stages. The sound stages required a room NC level of 25. In order to achieve NC 25, these rooms required the use of double wall lined ductwork. Price Industries was able to add elbow sound attenuators and eliminate the double wall ductwork and replace it with single wall ductwork. Not only did this save money first cost versus the double wall ductwork, but it saved labor as the single wall ductwork was much lighter and easier to install.

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