Nortek Air Solutions: Miami-Dade County Certified Air Handlers

Nortek Product Feature Sept 19

Posted on September 03, 2019

Nortek Air Solutions is the leading manufacturer of Miami-Dade Certified custom HVAC air handling equipment in North America. A notice of acceptance (NOA) issued by Miami-Dade County places the company’s WF-2 and Integrated Thermal Break Framing (ITF) system air handling units above the competition as being the best hurricane-rated HVAC products available.

NOA certifications include:

- NOA 19-0227.05 (ITF, expires 2024)

- NOA 17.1219.01 (WF, expires 2023)

Highest Wall Pressure Rating

Each air handling unit produced for operation within Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) has the highest wall pressure rating on the market; thereby exemplifying Nortek Air Solutions’ industry-leading capabilities in providing high wind tolerant air handling units.

HVHZ Building Standards

HVHZ building standards contain very stringent requirements for the ratings applied to buildings and their associated structures, such as air handling units, as dictated by Miami-Dade County. Applicable rules and regulations governing the use of construction materials relates to the components of each air handling unit, including the unit base, floors, framework, access doors, handles and hinges, latches and cabinet panels.

The risk categories for wind speeds in HVHZs include:

• Risk Category I: Buildings & Structures - 165 mph

• Risk Category II: Buildings & Structures - 175 mph

• Risk Category III: Buildings & Structures - 185 mph

View additional details in the brochure:

Nortek Air Solutions: Miami-Dade County Certified Air Handlers