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ZOO Fans Feature

Posted on April 24, 2024

As a leading supplier of innovative fans and smart controls, ZOO Fans provide two categories of fans that offer excellent performance and value - Commercial Destratification Fans and JetVent Fans.

ZOO Fans offer energy-efficiency, performance, safety, and comfort.

Commercial Destratification Fans

ZOO Fans Commercial

Innovative & Effective

ZOO Fans offer a solution that is both innovative and effective in creating a comfortable indoor environment while reducing energy consumption.

The fans’ advanced technology expertly blends cool air from elevated ceiling heights with warm air closer to the ground, resulting in a more uniform climate throughout a space. With the added benefit of full variable speed control, users can easily tailor the air movement to meet their specific needs while also maximizing energy savings.

Watch Video: How Destratification Fans Work - ZOO Fans Overview

Intuitive & Efficient

Whether manual or automatic control is preferred, or zoning adjustments are required, ZOO Fans provide a comprehensive solution that is both intuitive and efficient. Additionally, the patented designs facilitate seamless installation, regardless of the ceiling type.

Airflow Solutions for Industrial Facilities

ZOO Fans Applications

ZOO Fans are the solution for maintaining controlled and consistent environmental conditions in large scale Industrial facilities. The fans are compact and powerful and they:

  • Improve air circulation.
  • Reduce condensation.
  • Regulate humidity.
  • Maintain even temperatures.
  • Help eliminate air stratification.

Benefits of ZOO Fans air dispersion performance:

  • Equipment longevity.
  • Inventory protection.
  • Increased productivity.

JetVent Fans


Innovative Ventilation System

Experience clean and healthy air in your garage with the Smart Garage Ventilation system. Equipped with variable-speed EC motors, this system operates quietly and efficiently, delivering optimal airflow with minimal noise.

The advanced control system adapts to pollutant levels to ensure consistently clean air.

  • Operate on well-proven principles of longitudinal tunnel ventilation engineering.
  • Produce a high-velocity jet of air which, in turn, moves a larger quantity of air surrounding the fans through a process known as entrainment.

The amount of air entrained by a fan increases with the velocity and the quantity of air that is discharged by the fan. These characteristics relate directly to the thrust rating of the fan, which is measured in Newtons (N).

ZOO Fans offers a range of JetVent Fans including super low profile, ultra low profile, low profile, standard profile, and high profile.


Smart Technology: JetVent Control Center

  • Offers significant energy savings through comprehensive ventilation management.
  • Communicates with JetVent fans, integrated sensors, supply fans and exhaust fans to dynamically control the rate of ventilation according to the CO or NO2 pollutant levels, or temperature in the space.

Advanced Innovation

  • Offers an innovative alternative to traditional ducted systems.
  • Improves ventilation, saves energy, and offers sophisticated communication, management, and alarm notification.
  • Utilizes the latest in EC motor technology with integrated speed control and connected sensors.

Practical Design

  • Results in potential savings in excavation and construction costs with the low-profile design of the induction fans.
  • Performs when mounted at the ceiling in-between support beams.
  • Offers a height savings when mounted in-between support beams, which can be the critical difference in providing ventilation for parking garages.
  • Provides potential cost savings with new construction from reduced ceiling heights, which can be particularly significant in multi-level structures.

Saves Energy

  • Generates significant energy savings with dynamic management of the ventilation system based on actual pollutant levels.
  • Runs dramatically less, at lower speeds, while safe ventilation levels are maintained with the ventilation systems.

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