Survey Results: Looking Ahead to 2024


Posted on December 09, 2023

Thanks to all for the feedback on our survey. As we look ahead to the new year, it’s helpful to hear what’s important to you and to understand how we can best support you on your projects.

Here is a summary of the feedback from our survey: Looking Ahead to 2024.

What types of projects are customers working on?

New construction, ventilation, and ductwork topped the list, and IAQ, retrofit AHUs, filtration, and humidification/dehumidification all came in with similar results after the top three.

We’ll be focusing on products and solutions related to all of these types of projects and will be sharing information and resources throughout the year. View these manufacturers to learn more about some of the products:

What industries are you addressing with your projects?

The top three – commercial/offices, education/universities, and manufacturing, with medical facilities/healthcare a close fourth.

TBCo has lots of experience in these industries, and we’re quickly gaining experience with new applications and industries.

What services are most important for you?

Topping the list – product specific education and system specific education.

TBCo wants to be your best resource for product information and training. Look for information in 2024 about training opportunities – including in-person and virtual trainings, as well as resources such as support presentations for use with your clients.

We also received feedback on the types of training that would be valuable to you and your teams. Watch for updates about product demonstrations and more at our branch locations.

What is the biggest challenge you face when selecting products?

Lead times , finding the right product, and product availability topped the list.

Contact us for help with product selection, availability, and lead time information. We work closely with all of our manufacturers and can get you the information you need when you need it!

We’re excited about the year ahead – and as always, please contact us at any time with questions, suggestions, or feedback!