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LUME room pressure monitors

Posted on April 11, 2024


Operating Rooms. Isolation Rooms. Compounding Pharmacies.

LUMETM room pressure monitors accurately measure and monitor room pressure in places such as Compounding Pharmacies, Isolation Rooms, and Operating Rooms, ensuring these environments are kept safe.

With a high-resolution touchscreen display and easy to navigate menus, LUME has a simple yet modern user interface. Room status is displayed clearly through the colored screen with audible alarms for additional indication of any changes in room status.

LUME Models

Antec Controls LUME

LUME10 provides single room pressure monitoring in combination with Antec Controls SDPT differential pressure sensor to precisely measure room pressure, providing confidence that pressure requirements are met.

LUME11 has the same functionalities as LUME10, with added BACnet capabilities.

LUME20 has the same functionalities as LUME11 with additional features such as LED sidebar lighting for 180-degree viewing, BACnet environment point polling and up to three monitored rooms.

Room status indication

LUME Screens

The illuminated screen on LUME provides clear room status indication. With two configurable room modes, users have the option to change the screen color and room mode name to best suit their needs.

This product is stocked at some TBCo locations. Contact your local TBCo branch for more information.

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