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Posted on November 09, 2022

Data centers are a key resource for many businesses today, providing a way for companies to shift the high energy demand and technical maintenance required for data equipment to another location. And while providing many benefits, data centers also face challenges related to utility costs and HVAC maintenance.

Tom Barrow Company is proud to represent United Enertech’s broad range of products, including louvers and dampers, designed to help address these challenges in Data Centers.

Manage Airflow & Reduce Energy Costs

Lower data center power consumption and HVAC maintenance with United Enertech’s solutions for data centers.

United Enertech dampers are designed to control the airflow into the data center to assist in keeping equipment cool, and the weather louvers protect the outside opening in a building's exterior walls.

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United Enertech Data Center Products

Product Feature: Control Dampers

Control dampers regulate airflow through duct work by opening and closing their blades. This simple action can serve many purposes, such as directing airflow to a specific part of the building or for mixing hot and cold air streams for air conditioning.

United Enertech louvers and dampers help to reduce utility costs by having low pressure drop on both louvers and dampers and extremely low leakage on dampers.

The thermally broken dampers offer thermally broken aluminum frames and thermally insulated and broken airfoil blades to eliminate the transfer of cold or heat and reduce condensation, while providing exceptional air control in medium to high pressure and velocity applications.


United Enertech TB-155

Great for data centers, this thermally broken damper is designed to eliminate transfer of high heat or low cold penetration and reduce condensation.

  • Constructed with heavy duty double-skin extruded aluminum blade.
  • Manufactured with aluminum and corrosion resistant zinc plated steel linkage.
  • Licensed to bear the AMCA Seal, which applies to air performance and air leakage ratings


United Enertech CD-100

The model CD-100 is a rectangular damper with .125 extruded aluminum blades and .081 extruded aluminum frames. This model can be built in one section up to 52"w x 72"h. If a larger size is required, contact TBCo for additional ordering details.

  • Designed with extruded aluminum single skin blade with low pressure drop.
  • Licensed to bear the Certaire Certified Air Ratings Seal. Class 1A leakage.

Contact your local Tom Barrow Company branch location for details on these products and others for your next data center project.