A Layered UVC Approach

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Posted on March 08, 2023

Lumalier: A Layered UVC Approach in Buildings

Lumalier's UVC solutions offer three protection strategies for reducing infectious pathogens and improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in all types of buildings including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, offices, retail businesses, and more.

Benefits of a layered approach:

  • Improves overall indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Mitigates person-to-person and surface pathogen transmission risks.
  • Provides a solution for emergency disinfection and treatment of difficult to disinfect surfaces.
  • Promotes efficient performance of HVAC equipment with less maintenance.
  • Extends HVAC equipment lifecycles.


Three Protection Strategies Using UVC: In-Duct / Upper-Air / Surface

Lumalier: A Layered UVC Approach in Buildings

#1 HVAC / In-AHU and In-Duct Disinfection

High-level, Facility-wide Disinfection and Coil Cleaning

Lumalier AR (Adjustable Rack) Series

Lumalier AR Series UVC

Lumalier's commercial AR series UVC fixtures are designed for effective coil cleaning and improved indoor air quality (IAQ) in any type of AHU system and are prewired at the factory for code compliance and easy install. The fixtures are constructed to be amazingly durable and are scalable to custom fit any AHU.

Lumalier ADPL Series

Lumalier's ADPL Series UVC fixtures are engineered for residential and light commercial applications in split system air handlers (AHUs).

Lumalier ADPL Series UVC Fixture

#2 Upper Air Disinfection

Targeted Pathogen Reduction in High-Risk Occupied Spaces

Lumalier CDU 2x2 Series

Lumalier CDU

The CDU 2x2 upper air UVC units combine dynamic and passive UVC disinfection for high-risk areas. This product disinfects air continuously in occupied spaces, provides 360-degree coverage within the space, and it blends in with the ceiling – aesthetically designed.

Lumalier WM Series

Lumalier WM Series

The WM Series is for use in areas where wall mounting is preferred and the ceiling height is 8'-10'. The louvered design of this series allows for the upper-air field of UV to stay in a straight line above the heads of the occupants.

#3 Surface Disinfection

Disinfection of Surfaces in Unoccupied Spaces

Lumalier EDU Series

Lumalier EDU Series

EDU Series units are high-output surface and air disinfection portable fixtures for use in unoccupied spaces. These units can be used for emergency response or for regular cleanings.

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