Cook Power-Plume Laboratory Exhaust

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Posted on May 03, 2019

The Power-Plume® was designed for critical lab applications where safety and efficiency are the primary concerns. The Power-Plume® is a powered induction device used to induce large amounts of ambient air and generate plume height regardless of the lab exhaust flow.

Unique Advantage

This device has the unique advantage of maintaining a minimum 50 foot plume height even as the lab exhaust flow is reduced for partial load conditions. Dilution rates at maximum lab exhaust flow exceed 200%. As the lab exhaust is reduced, dilution rates can exceed 1,000%.

Saves Energy

The Power-Plume conveys a column of ambient air around the lab exhaust air encapsulating the contaminated lab exhaust. The primary lab exhaust fan is still utilized to exhaust the contaminated lab air. It can now be operated on a VFD for partial load conditions. This saves energy as we no longer need to utilize bypass air during partial load conditions to maintain plume height. Since the primary lab exhaust fan is not required to generate the high discharge velocities for adequate plume height, the power requirements of this fan are significantly reduced.

Standard Features

• Delivers constant 50 foot minimum plume height in 10 mph wind

• Mixed-flow, non-overloading welded aluminum wheel

• Fiberglass reinforced (FRP) windband with UV protection

• Phenolic epoxy powder with UV protection on steel components

• Integral lifting lugs

• Pre-punched mounting flange

• Motor housing sealed from lab air flow

• Stainless steel hardware

• Stainless steel lube lines

• NEMA 3R disconnect mounted and pre-wired

• Optional integral curb cap available

• Designed to withstand 125 mph wind

Power-Plume Brochure

For additional details, view the Power-Plume Product Brochure

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