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Posted on October 15, 2018

Antec Controls by Price

Tom Barrow Company has been representing Critical Controls products from Price Industries at nine of its ten locations for over seven years. Recently, Price announced the change of Price Critical Controls to a business dedicated to highlighting their expertise in this area, Antec Controls by Price.

Antec Controls offers Healthcare and Laboratory solutions designed to deliver precision airflow and environment control for critical spaces. The Antec Controls product line includes industry leading airflow control devices and critical space control systems that can provide energy savings while creating a safe working environment.

From their PACE Critical Space Controller to their Multi-Variable Monitor, Antec Controls offers solutions for operating rooms, laboratories, isolation rooms, and compounding pharmacies.

View these Antec Controls resources in our Learning Center:

PMT Touchscreen Room Pressure Monitor

MVM Multi-Variable Monitor

PACE Critical Space Controller

FHC Fume Hood Controller

VV Venturi Valve

If you have questions on specific applications or products, please contact your local branch representative or call (800)229-8226.