Design, Function, and Energy Savings

BAF Design Function and Energy Savings

Posted on August 23, 2022

What challenges are facilities facing today?

Providing Comfortable Working Conditions

Addressing extreme heat or cold in working environments can be challenging. Whether it’s circulating air for cooling or distributing warmer air, there are a number of benefits for creating more comfortable work environments related to productivity and employee satisfaction.

Excessive Energy Costs

When it’s hot outside and the heat makes its way indoors, energy costs can skyrocket as facilities try to cool spaced to combat reduced productivity and potential heat stress.

And attempts to fend off workplace cold often result in astronomical heating bills and spaces that are still frigid at floor level.

Solution: Big Ass Fans for Airflow

In Warmer Conditions

Even if a facility has A/C, air movement from Big Ass Fans improves a person’s natural cooling mechanisms. Plus, Big Ass Fans can help facilities save lots of energy by supplementing A/C or replacing dozens of high-speed floor fans.

When It’s Colder

What many may not realize is that without airflow to mix up that heat, it’s essentially just money wasted to make the ceiling nice and toasty. The higher the ceiling, the worse the problem gets. By using a Big Ass ceiling fan in winter, you can create the air movement needed to mix heated air at the ceiling with the cold air at the floor, effectively destratifying these layers and erasing the temperature difference. With uniform temperatures throughout the space, heaters don’t need to run as frequently to maintain thermostat set points, resulting in energy savings up to 30%.


Purpose-built to provide maximum airflow in even the toughest conditions, Powerfoil® X4 raises the bar on comfort, safety, and quality for industrial fans.

Powerfoil X4

Powerfoil X4:

  • Diameter options of 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, or 30 feet (3.6, 4.3, 4.9, 5.5, 6.1, 7.3, or 9.1 meters)
  • Stober NitroSeal™ gearbox enclosure resists corrosion and reduces heat buildup for longer life
  • Standard IP56 rating for limited dust ingress and protection from high pressure water jets—perfect for use in tough environments
  • Quiet operation, even at high speeds
  • Functional platform for easy integration with lights, security cameras, occupancy sensor, or other devices
  • Dynamic mounting system allows for installation to a number of different structures: I-beams, bar joists, solid beams, and purlins


Powerfoil D is Big Ass Fans’ premium direct-drive fan. Built from the ground up for industrial and harsh environments, its IP66 rating means it’s able to withstand harsh elements like dust and water. Purposefully engineered to transform the way people feel and work within your space, Powerfoil D takes on hot, gritty conditions with ease and has the specs to excel in any facility where comfort and quiet are valued.

Powerfoil D

Powerfoil D:

  • Diameter options from 8-24 feet
  • Six patented airfoils with winglets
  • IP66 rating for indoor or outdoor use
  • 15-year mechanical warranty; 5-year electrical (extended warranty available)
  • Powerful Neodymium magnet motor provides virtually silent fan operation and optimum efficiency
  • 200-277 / 338-480 multi-phase VAC options

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