How do you tackle healthcare HVAC challenges?

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Posted on September 06, 2023

Is ceiling congestion in the O.R. a challenge on your projects?

As technologies advance, the amount of surgical equipment in operating rooms has increased. In an effort to conserve floor space, ceiling mounted equipment has become an essential design element.

Maximize Useable Ceiling Space

Price Ultrasuite dramatically reduces the HVAC footprint in the ceiling by incorporating high-performance LED lighting directly within the laminar flow diffusers.

TBCo offers extensive experience in healthcare applications, including addressing O.R. ceiling space, indoor air quality, critical environments, and energy efficiency, for both new construction and retrofits.

We are your one source for comprehensive HVAC systems and solutions for healthcare facilities.

TBCo represents hundreds of products to address a broad range of HVAC applications. Industry-leading products include those from Price Industries, Nortek Air Solutions, Antec Controls by Price, and others.

Contact us to learn more about these featured products and others for your healthcare environment projects.

ULTRASUITE Operating Room Systems

Price Ultrasuite Product

Price Ultrasuite is a customizable air distribution and lighting solution specifically engineered for hospital operating rooms. High-output LED lighting combined with precision equalized laminar airflow eliminates the traditional “light ring” opening valuable ceiling space for surgical equipment while optimizing particulate removal from the surgical zone.

View this TBCo case study featuring Ultrasuite: NCH Bonita Freestanding Emergency Department

Custom Air Handlers

Nortek Air Solutions Custom AHUs

Nortek’s 400,000+ cfm custom air handling solutions are available for indoor and outdoor applications. Nortek’s AHUs help to minimize total cost of ownership while meeting the most challenging requirements for fit, efficiency, and reliability in a wide range of industries, including healthcare.

Video: Nortek Air Handlers

Nortek Air Handlers Video

Critical Controls

Antec Controls offers a diverse product line designed to create safe and cost-effective solutions that ensure occupant safety and limit energy usage in critical spaces, from operating rooms to isolation rooms, with air valves, sensors, and optional accessories for different room control applications.

Antec Controls Product

LUME: Room Pressure Monitor

LUME room pressure monitors accurately measure and monitor room pressure in places such as Compounding Pharmacies, Isolation Rooms, and Operating Rooms, ensuring these environments are kept safe.

  • High resolution display
  • Maintenance-free pressure measurement
  • Audible and visual alarms