Lumalier's AR Series - Ideal for Retrofits

Lumalier AR Series UVC

Posted on October 19, 2022

Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Save Money

Improving IAQ, increasing efficiency, and reducing equipment maintenance are all benefits of retrofitting AHUs with Lumalier's UVC fixtures.

AR Series Installation AHU Retrofit Application

How can your facility benefit?

  • Inactivates pathogens such as Influenza A and B, Covid-19, and Staph.
  • Improves indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Eliminates insulating biofilm to improve heat exchange and air flow, which has been proven to reduce Air Handling Unit (AHU) energy consumption.
  • Provides facilities with an ROI benefit with reduced energy consumption and maintenance.

AR Series

AR Series with Lights Off and Lights On

Manufactured to be scalable to custom fit any AHU, the AR Series is:

  • Designed for 99.9% coil cleaning
  • Calculated and scalable for pathogen "neutralization on the fly"
  • Pre-wired at the factory for code compliance and easy install
  • Engineered with non-proprietary lamps and ballasts
  • Constructed to be amazingly durable with proprietary extrusion and water-tight connectors

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