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Posted on January 26, 2023

As buildings and city centers continue to evolve, rooftop space comes more at a premium. At NexGen, the drive to provide the best solutions for customers has led to the development of an all-new compact dedicated outdoor air system.

The NexGen DOAS Series delivers exceptional performance and versatility over its standard 3 – 90 Ton range. Featuring a compact footprint with either vertical or horizontal discharge, it’s a perfect match for every application requiring dedicated outdoor air. From Retail and Offices to Hospitality and more, the NexGen DOAS Series is a perfect fit for your next project.


  • Capacity from 3 - 90 Tons
  • Airflow from 2,500 - 19,000 CFM
  • Hinged, Double-Walled Access Doors
  • 6-Row Intertwined Air Coils
  • Modulating Reheat Circuit
  • Switchable SubCooling Circuit
  • Scroll Compressors (Optional Lead VFD)
  • All-Digital Controls with BAS Integration
  • Direct Drive EC Plenum Supply Blowers
  • Modulating Electric or Gas Heat
  • 2500 Hour Salt-Spray Rated Cabinet
  • MicroChannel Condenser Coils
  • Up to 6” of Media Filtration
  • Multiple Service Access Points
  • Reduced Cabinet Weight
  • Compact Footprint
  • Optional 10,000 Hour Corrosion Protection
  • 2” Foam-Injected Double-Wall Construction (R-13)

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