Replacement Coils for HVAC Applications

Nortek replacement coils product

Posted on February 16, 2022

We know timing is critical when air handling systems are down. Our team is ready to help you order the right coil from Nortek Air Solutions and have it delivered quickly, so equipment can be back up and running as fast as possible.

Nortek offers performance you can trust.

Nortek offers a full line of hot and cold water, steam, booster, direct expansion (DX), and condenser replacement coils for your air handling system.

Replacement coils:

  • Hydronic for cooling, heating, and general heat transfer applications
    with water or thermal fluids such as ethylene or propylene glycol. Cleanable option with access to each tube.
  • Steam coils for heating and drying applications. Nortek offers standard or steam distribution types.
  • Booster coils for duct mounting and low-flow applications.
  • Direct expansion (DX) evaporator and condenser coils for air conditioning, dehumidification, and refrigeration applications. For use with a variety of refrigerants.

View Replacement Coils Brochure

Nortek Replacement Coils Brochure

Features That Set Nortek Coils Apart

  • Nortek Air Solutions coils are AHRI Certified under Standard 410 — giving you the confidence that they will perform as scheduled. All coil performance ratings are according to Nortek’s AHRI certified selection software.
  • All coils are leak-tested under water at 315 psig nitrogen to confirm manufacturing integrity. Standard operating pressure ratings are 250 psig for hydronic and evaporator coils and 100 psig for steam coils.
  • Coil tubes are round, seamless copper and are mechanically expanded into the fin collars providing a permanent metal-to-metal bond for efficient heat transfer.
  • Coil tubes are staggered in direction of airflow.
  • Fin collars are fully drawn to provide accurate control of fin spacing and maximum contact with the tubes.
  • Headers are seamless copper with die-formed holes that provide a parallel surface to thetube for strong brazing joints.

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