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Posted on February 04, 2019

Schwank is a global market leader in the field of energy efficient heating solutions for non-residential buildings, especially industrial buildings, warehouses and distribution centers, using the medium of radiant technology. The company offers a broad selection of infrared tube heaters and high intensity heaters including indoor and outdoor gas radiant heaters and electric infrared heaters.

The Superior Schwank High Intensity Infrared Gas Heater

supraSchwank heaters are the most advanced line of infrared heaters in Schwank’s collection of high intensity heaters. These overhead gas infrared heaters can be mounted on ceilings up to 180 feet high and will still provide superior comfort and temperature levels for people below with up to 65% energy savings! supraSchwank is superior radiant heating for aircraft hangers and are perfect warehouse heaters.

Schwank’s infrared heater technology imitates the sun’s outstanding ability to heat the earth. Even when the air is cool, the heat produced by Schwank’s high intensity heaters can be enjoyed right down to ground level. This is because heat waves emitted by Schwank’s dependable infrared heat technology are absorbed at all levels; from ceiling to floor.

Consider the following cost and energy savings when selecting infrared heaters from Schwank’s collection of supraSchwank heater models:

  • Converts up to 81%* of the gas input into radiant energy
  • Can be mounted as overhead infrared heaters on ceilings up to 180 feet
  • Reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions by up to 65%

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