A Focus on Ventilation

Ventilation Product Feature Sept 2023

Posted on September 20, 2023

With recent information highlighting the importance of proper building ventilation, including ASHRAE's Standard 241, contractors, engineers, and building owners are exploring optimal air exchange solutions for improved indoor air quality (IAQ).

ASHRAE's Standard 241 sets minimum infectious aerosol control requirements to mitigate disease transmission in buildings. We are well-versed in this standard, so feel free to reach out for information or inquiries about its application to your needs.

Below are a few of the industry-leading ventilation-related products we offer. Contact us to learn more.

Nortek Makeup Air Units – 100% Outside Air Supply

Up to 115,000 cfm

Nortek Air Solutions Makeup Air Units

Comfortable Building Environments with Superior IAQ

Nortek Air Solutions’ Makeup Air Units supply 100% outdoor air to your building, helping to create comfortable building environments with superior indoor air quality.

Featuring components and technologies developed to:

  • Optimize efficiency
  • Conserve energy
  • Significantly reduce operating costs

FANWALL Technology — these systems can be customized with a variety of:

  • Cooling and heating options
  • Filtration options
  • Direct digital control (DDC) systems
  • Sizes and configurations to meet your application needs

Superior IAQ

  • Delivers 100% outdoor air while reducing mechanical heating, cooling, and humidification requirements.
  • Thermal Break technology for advanced humidity control.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sloped drain pans and materials to help prevent microbial growth and provide easily cleanable surfaces.


Fabric or metal, which is the right option for your application? These two manufacturers offer products to address a broad range of applications. Read details below and visit our Learning Center – Ductwork section for helpful videos and literature.

Learning Center – Ductwork

DuctSox Duct

Customizable Airflow Solutions

DuctSox Data Center Applications

DuctSox® air dispersion products are an innovative and cost-effective fabric alternative to traditional metal ductwork providing precise and efficient heating, cooling, or ventilating for virtually any building application.

DuctSox’s full range of products are custom designed and configured to fit any space and are ideal for a variety of environments.

Application Example: Data Centers

DuctSox has developed the first directionally adjustable air displacement system for the data center industry.

  • The air displacement portion of the DuctSox system places large volumes of air within the cold aisle with low velocity.
  • The adjustability allows for higher-wattage server targeting.
  • As a result, minimal hot air entrainment is achieved, reducing, or eliminating the need for physical containment structures, while lowering construction costs and getting better PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) ratings.

Eastern Sheet Metal

ESM Ductwork

Eastern Tight fittings will reduce installation time by eliminating the need to seal joints in duct systems - no sealer, no mess, and no added costs. Instead, duct arrives at the job site with factory mounted rubber gaskets that provide a reliable, airtight seal.

To save contractors valuable field installation time, the Eastern Flange is pre-assembled to spiral duct at the factory. Spot welds and any necessary sealing is already completed before it arrives at the jobsite. A tight fit is essential to preventing leaks in duct. The Eastern Flange makes connecting duct systems quick.

Price Industries: Thermal Displacement Ventilation

DFC - Displacement Flow Ceiling Diffuser

Price Industries DFC

Price DFC Series displacement diffusers are designed to produce a 1-way low velocity air supply from a suspended ceiling installation.

  • Discharges air evenly across the perforated face with minimal turbulence or induction of room air.
  • Flows cool supply air from the ceiling down to the floor level and gradually fills the space.
  • Installs in a standard suspended ceiling, freeing up valuable floor space and reducing ducting.

The superior air quality and low noise levels make the DFC suitable for offices, classrooms, theaters, hotels, or any application where air quality demands are high and there is limited floor space.

Want to learn more about ventilation?

A Study by Price Industries and Purdue University Explores How Office Ventilation Affects Particle Concentration. Read more.