The Ultimate Low-Energy Humidity Control Asset

Nortec Dl

Posted on August 01, 2018

Hybrid Humidification & Cooling – DL Series for Evaporative Industrial and Commercial Humidification

The Nortec DL humidifier is the ultimate low-energy humidity control asset and is the leading innovator in evaporative humidification.

The Nortec DL hybrid humidifier relies exclusively on the advantages of both humidification methods of atomization and evaporation. This results in the sustainable resolution of key problems which can emerge when these technologies are used in isolation. The humidification system is therefore the first choice in terms of hygiene, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The adjustable molecular atomizer nozzles low-pressure mode of operation translates to significant energy savings due to the lesser compression work. The low-pressure molecular nozzles work in the pressure range of 2 to 10 bar(g).

The evaporator unit uses a patented ceramic evaporator which allows economical use of valuable humidifying water. The separating efficiency of the ceramic ensures hygienic operation.

Because of the full-surface layout of the evaporation ceramics and the spray cone of the molecular atomizer nozzles, the overall Installed depth of the Nortec DL inside the AHU cabinet can be reduced to up to 23.5 Inches (600 mm) resulting in material savings on the AHU length when compared to some other atomizing/media technologies.

This powerhouse can produce up to 2204 lbs./hr. (1,000 kg/hr.) of humidification and 630kW of evaporative cooling through one single unit while only consuming 65 watts statically plus 1 watt per 2.2 lbs (1 kg) of water sprayed.

Not only is the Nortec DL series the most advanced Series of atomizing & evaporative humidifiers to use and effortless to maintain, it is also a customer favorite because of its industry-transforming service functions, which include the latest in hygiene technology and savings in AHU foot print.

The DL Hybrid Humidifier is ideal for use in Free Air Cooling systems, such as those used in Data Centers and perfect for Hospitals requiring energy efficiency and hygienic operation.

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