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Posted on August 02, 2023

From space constraints to sound control, and from improving energy efficiency to improving indoor air quality (IAQ), Tom Barrow Company has engineered HVAC solutions to help meet space, time, and budget requirements.


Building access to mechanical rooms is often limited by narrow entry points, freight elevators, exterior louvers located several stories above grade level, and difficult pathways around existing equipment. Mechanical rooms with complex ductwork, piping, and structural members require AHUs to be designed to specific physical dimensions, often to the nearest inch, in order to maximize performance for a given space allocation.

Temtrol’s RAPID knock-down AHUs provide an excellent solution for these types of AHU replacement projects.

Installation and Time Cost Savings

  • Eliminate the need for a crane at the construction site by using components sized to fit through allowable space - can be sized in shape and weight.
  • Experience up to a 40% savings in installation time and labor.
  • Reduce the need for major demolition and reconstruction.

To learn more about Temtrol Knock-Down applications, read this case study: Vanderbilt University


Lumalier UV-C disinfection systems are used downstream of the cooling coils to provide air disinfection and maintain coil cleanliness and efficiency.

UGA Veterinary Medicine Learning Center

To learn more about applications for Lumalier’s in-duct UVC, view this case study:
University of Georgia Veterinary Medicine Learning Center (UGA VMLC)

Working toward decarbonization goals?

Here’s how Lumalier’s in-AHU UVC contributes to decarbonization and energy efficiency:

  • Keeps coils clean 24/7/365.
  • Restores Delta-T and thermal efficiency, improves air flow, reduces static pressure and fan amperage to achieve up to a 12%-20% energy cost reduction/3 to 5-year energy ROI.
  • Reduces CO2. Annual KWH savings/1425 = metric ton reduction of CO2.
  • Generates greater condensate volume to lower Relative Humidity (RH%) in the facility.


Designing With Displacement Ventilation

Displacement ventilation can provide the right comfort and energy solution – the air devices blend in with unique architecture, such as the Price system used at the Florida Polytechnic University’s IST building, and the slow-moving air is comfortable, quiet, and energy efficient.

To learn more about displacement ventilation applications, view this case study: Florida Polytechnic University Innovation, Science, and Technology Building


Rectangular silencers are designed to reduce noise in rectangular ductwork while minimizing system pressure drop. The simple design, relatively low cost, and high level of performance flexibility make rectangular silencers a reliable and cost-effective choice. A wide range of design and performance options allow rectangular silencers to be easily integrated into any university HVAC system.

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